Organic Analogue Sounds

This show is a super deluxe focus on two Northern European dj/producers – Todd Terje from Norway and Thommie G from the Netherlands. Expect lots of deep house filled with analogue synths, and re-edits of classic funk cuts. 

Thommie G

Thommie G is a producer/DJ from the Netherlands who has been creating deep, electronic and slow house music for the last 2 years or so. He says himself he wants to provide the world with music that takes the listener to places beyond their audio system. He produces different sounds for different occasions, mostly by himself, sometimes joining forces with other musicians, delivering remixes for artists around the globe. You can check out more of his sounds here: 


Todd Terje

Nearly a decade on from his earliest singles, Norway’s Terje Olsen finally released his debut full-length, It’s Album Time. But in the dance music underground, Olsen is better known for his releases under a string of cheeky nom de produce, be it Tangoterje, Chuck Norris, Pitbullterje, Wade Nichols (a reference to the birth name of 70s porn stud-turned-disco crooner Dennis Parker), or—in deference to New York house master Todd TerryTodd Terje. He built his reputation on the strength of a dizzying, shadowy portfolio of singles, remixes, and unofficial “disco edits” that have powered dancefloors from New York to Norway, Tokyo to Slovenia. You can check out more of his sounds here:



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