Worry No More

I really like this, but not nearly as much as I’d like a full sitcom where Santigold and Yachty run a bakery for real. Can we make this happen? Anyone? James Van Der Beek, you out there, bro? Good to see Diplo switching up the template: the guitars and steely beats join the dots between The xx and ‘The Morning’-era Weeknd, with a sense of fun that’s more more-ish than all those donuts in the video. “You keep the fame, keep the phony canned applause,” sings Santigold. “I’ll keep on dreaming and keep on rising high above.”

This is a great pairing of personalities – you’ve got Yachty, the little kid who refuses to grow up and just wants to live in a “nice house on the shore”, and Santigold, endlessly charismatic and weirdly ageless, bringing the catchy quotables. It’s all believable. They just love to make cakes! And they don’t wanna worry about stuff! They like to play with frosting and wear hats with their names on!

The video is great, the song is great, can’t argue with any of it.

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