Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky

Hello Sunshines, This show is a homage to three great soul singers who have passed away in the last year – Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones and Sonny Knight. All three were absolutely awesomely incredible! All three are missed immensely. All three were closely linked with the soul revival movement of the last 15 years or…

Just had we had such a wonderful neo soul show last Thursday, on Saturday comes the sad news that Charles Bradley died this Saturday. Charles was one of the great neo soul artists. He had been performing for most of his life, but did not become well know until he was well into his sixties….

Neo Soul

Tonights edition of Liquid Sunshine is all about neo funk & soul. Nothing older than 10 years, lots of very fresh dance grooves. Enjoy

Equal Love Oppertunity

It’s all about love in the 4th show of Liquid Sunshine. Vote yes to Same Sex Marriage and enjoy the disco and diva house.  


In last nights edition of Liquid Sunshine I played lots of contemporary funk & soul, in fact. The record sleeves reflect the heritage, beautiful…..

Same Sex Marriage

Let’s celebrate same sex marriage until the budgie smugglers drop: I’ll play the 1980 remix tonight. 13 minutes of dancefloor bliss.

Equal Love Opportunity

This Thursday on Liquid Sunshine we will be celebrating marriage equality in Australia. Expect lots of disco and diva house tunes. Vote Yes people!  

The Funky Drummer

“Funky Drummer” is a James Brown & the JBs song. The songs has got a massive drumbreak, a freestyle propulsive drumbeat which was performed by Clyde Stubblefield. That’s his picture. This break is one of the most frequently sampled rhythmic breaks in hip and hop. Last week we looked at booming bass. This week it’s…

Bootsy’s Basic Funk Formula

In tonights show I will play lots of bass heavy tracks. Expect Bootsy to drop in to show us the One on his spacebass … know  

Le Pamplemousse – Planet of Love

I played this song in the first Liquid Sunshine Show (try saying that with a mouth full of biscuits). It is such a killer disco track. Play it loud!