DJ Bobo

This week at the Liquid Sunshine Discotheque we are visited by legendary bike builder DJ Bobo from Bobo Bicycles, who plays some of his favourite funk tunes.


Bobo has been building and riding bikes for yonks, and this combination of long bike rides, punctuated by welding torches has provided him with a wonderful eclectic taste for funk music. Expect some spacey industrial dub.

He introduced me to the amazing Miroslav Vitous, who is a Czech Jazz bassist, who was a founding member of Weather Report. DJ Bobo brought in an album from 1976 – Magical Shepherd, which sounds very much from 1976 and is classic old school jazz funk. I will feature some of Miroslav in future programs.

For now, enjoy the program.


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Hello Groovers,

From time to time I venture out of the studio and into Deejay Wonderland. Last week I played music at the amazing Dutch Food and Culture Festival in Canberra. 5 hours of exclusive Dutch music! I made a selection of Dutch music for your listening pleasure and you can stream with the Mixcloud player below.

We start of with Dutch party music, before we slow down with some classic oldies. At about the 1 hour mark the mix moves into the contemporary Dutch electronic music. Get on up and boogie!

It was incredibly to be part of this festival. There was so much food, games, dancing children, dress ups in traditional dutch clothes, bicycles, laughter and lots and lots of crazy Dutchies in orange. Have a look at the photos. Looking forward to be part of it again next year.